EVS: Milica Barać – Prvi utisci iz Poljske

Moja priča počinje, naravno, u tem Somboru. Zovem se Milica i imam 24 godine. Kad bih morala da se opišem u nekoliko reči, to bi definitivno bile reči: sestra, ćerka … Continue Reading →


Life after EVS

I was asked to write about my comeback in Italy and my feelings after EVS. Well, it’s totally awful. End of the story. See you next time. Ok, ok, maybe … Continue Reading →

After EVS: new friends, new skills and new destinations

These masksare the perfect representation of my mood during the last days of my EVS project in Serbia: happiness and sadness. On one side I was really happy to come … Continue Reading →


A multicultural training in a multicultural city

One of EVS advantages is having the opportunity to attend several training that allow you to acquire new skills, meet new people and travel! In particular, for the EVS projects … Continue Reading →

One of the best thing of being in SEC

One of the best thing of being in S.E.C. is that I can work on my own ideas as I want. The first important project I worked on was a … Continue Reading →

An alternative Saint Valentine

14 February is a very special anniversary, it’s a day in which you celebrate the beginning of a new adventure made possible by the passion and the devotion of a … Continue Reading →

Last week I have been in Sarajevo

Last week I have been in Sarajevo for my on-arrival training as an EVS volunteer. It was great. I learned many useful things, I visited a beautiful city and I … Continue Reading →

Cultural shock

“There is nothing permanent except change” If you have been abroad or you want to leave you have surely heard about the so-called cultural shock, that is the disorientation you … Continue Reading →

Marco Dolcinelli – EVS project

I arrived in Serbia more than two months ago. So far my staying here has been a wonderful experience and I know it will be so until the end. Why … Continue Reading →


Young and Agro-business

Young and Agro-business: this is the name of the conference organized by Somborski omladinski boom and Somborki edukativni centar, that took place from 22 to 24 January 2016. On one … Continue Reading →

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