Life after EVS

Objavi SEC Sombor

I was asked to write about my comeback in Italy and my feelings after EVS.

Well, it’s totally awful. End of the story. See you next time.

Ok, ok, maybe I should explain a little bit more.

End of EVS is not the end of the world, but it could be tough. It depends. If you have already some plans, like a job or a course, it is not a big deal. Of course, you have to handle a lot of nostalgia and new feelings. Getting used again to your own country is not that easy like you could think.

a helping cat

A helping cat

EVS is a changing life experience, but you properly understand that only when you come back to your place and you notice that, well, everything is changed!

During the first days in Italy I was always about to say “hvala” to people instead of “grazie”, I felt robbed when I paid something like six euros for an hamburger which was twice smaller than a normal pljeskavica (and I was used to two euros for that in Serbia!), I had to live again with the whole family of mine, I missed the sound of Serbian language and I was thinking of ćevapi every single night (well, I still do that…). I had to adapt again to my place. It was weird and not that easy.

Six euros? For this? Seriously?

It takes time. Basically, you need to move on. This is why it is better to have something to do. If you take part to a EVS project, start thinking about what is next before your departure. I did it, but I could not find what I was looking for and now my situation could be better.

Despite of this, I am positive because now I have what I got and what I learned during my nine months in Serbia. I am a better person because EVS and I know I can make it, even if now I do not have any job or money. Good news will come. I have just to keep trying.

Miss you <3

So, I am going to write it in a synthetic way to makes things clearer. How to handle end of EVS:

  • start thinking about that in advance;
  • find something to do after;
  •  be positive!;
  • plan some trip before come back home. It could help you not to feel that much the gap between EVS and usual life. I did it and it  worked;
  • be ready to handle nostalgia;
  • keep being in touch with countries and people you had met during EVS (at first it is awful because of nostalgia, but after a while it  becomes helping);
  • use what you got during EVS;
  • if you could not win nostalgia, buy a cat. It helps;
  • do not think about ćevapi. There is nothing to do about that if your place is not in the Balkans;
  • be positive!

This is what happened to me and what I would recommend to you in the same situation. It is not easy, but after an experience like an EVS, it is totally worth it.

Well, you should also get ready to unpack a lot of stuff.

Well, you should also get ready to unpack a lot of stuff.

Now I have another place I could name “home”. And this is great. Despite of everything. I am sure it will happen the same to you.

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Mara · 28. oktobra 2016. u 22:05

Welcome back 🙂

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