An alternative Saint Valentine

Objavi SEC Sombor

14 February is a very special anniversary, it’s a day in which you celebrate the beginning of a new adventure made possible by the passion and the devotion of a lot of people…of course I’m not speaking about Saint Valentine, but of SEC’s “birthday”. The organization where I am doing my EVS was born exactly in the 14 of February and, although it is still a baby (it is only 7 years old), it is succeeded to win many hearts. In particular, this year the celebration was joined to the annual assembly of SEC. It’s a very important occasion because all volunteers and members of the organization are informed about the developments of the last year. In general they present new members and all the activities happened previously; they deliver certificates to those who took part in trainings organized during the year and, finally, they present future projects. I had the chance to have a complete “panoramic” of the assembly, in fact:

  • I took part with other volunteers in the preparation of the necessary material for the assembly and in the organization of the party for its birthday;
  • I followed the assembly as spectator, thanks to the simultaneous translation of Katarina;
  •  Finally I was presented to the other members as volunteer of the EVS project.

Consequently I have the right to say that it was a big success!

A lot of volunteers succeeded to come, all of them has appreciated the gift put in each chair and the video broadcast at the end which reassumed SEC’s life. A cake, some music and a lot of friends were the perfect combination and they have guaranteed also the success of the party, which took place in the headquarters of the organization at the end of the assembly.

It was great to be present in this occasion, I got confirmation of how SEC is important for these people. SEC, in fact, gives to all volunteers and members the opportunity to: meet new friends, travel, implement what you have studied, meet new people, fall in love, learn new things and…grow.

So this year it has been the best Saint Valentine I have ever had. Srećanrođendan SEC! I wish you to win again new hearts.

 Monia de Marcellis