Young and Agro-business

Objavi SEC Sombor

Young and Agro-business: this is the name of the conference organized by Somborski omladinski boom and Somborki edukativni centar, that took place from 22 to 24 January 2016. On one side the conference gave to different local entrepreneurs the opportunity to present and promote their own activities, from the other side it allowed young people to know several typologies of agricultural business existing on the territory. The aim of the conference was, in fact, encourage the connection between agricultural entrepreneurs and young people interested in this sector. Also in Serbia the youth unemployment is a persistent problem that has forced many boys and girls to emigrate looking for a better opportunity. One of the proposed solutions to face this problem is promote the active research of job in the agricultural sector, which has enormous potentialities in a country like Serbia. “Mladi I Agrobiznis” is one of the many events realized for that purpose.


The conference’s inauguration was characterized of great enthusiasm. The attention of the local media was captured by the presence of several institutions like the Minister of Sport and Youth Vanja Udovičić, the mayor of Sombor Saša Todorović and the executive director of Somborki edukativni centar Srđan Vlaškalić. In their speeches, each of them has underlined the importance to sustain initiatives that allow young people to acquire specific skills and give them the possibility to move into the job market.

Many arguments have been covered during the conference. Each speaker has showed different aspects of agro-business. Some of them have focused more on the description of specifics characteristics of their products (both plants and animals). Others have focused more on the productive system. Besides the traditional types of agriculture, new typologies have been presented, like the so-called vegetarian and peaceful agriculture.

But the technical aspects are not the only ones covered in this occasion. Some speakers have talked about other ways to support and improve this type of activities, from the economic support to the promotion of specifics training courses.


There are some problems also in the agricultural sector, one of the biggest seems to be the lack of cooperation among the entrepreneurs. This represents, in fact, a big obstacle for the development of the sector that could give many opportunities of jobs to many unemployed young people. Naturally there is someone who tries to find some solution through the creation of smaller forms of collaborations, like the club for young farmers, taking a first step towards a future evolution.

The agricultural sector is a great opportunity not only to overcome the economic crisis but also to face different crises like that of refugees. Among the realities presented, in fact, there is also that of an NGO that has used the production of some animal products as a mean to promote the integration of refugees and immigrants.

While I have assisted to the conference, I have perceived a great desire of change non only from the young people participating the conference, but also from the entrepreneurs who, knowing the existing difficulties, continue to go on and find new solutions.

I am sure that “Mladi I Agrobiznis” has been the first of other next conferences that could bring a real change for all the young people who live here. In the meantime…good luck to everyone!

 Monia de Marcellis